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Here's a quick message from Nathan Magnuson!

Leadership-in-a-Box® Core Services

Nathan Magnuson and the Leadership-in-a-Box® team have three core "ridiculously practical" leadership development support options.

Enterprise Licensed Programming

Over 20 leadership skill topics, which include materials for 60 min off-the-shelf workshops, premium micro-video programs, skill assessments, worksheets, discussion guides and pre-drafted program communications.

Skill topics included on Leadership-in-a-Box® home page.

Best for: HR & Talent leaders looking to deliver leadership programming internally across the organization at scale

High Performance Leadership Series

Over 10 high performance leadership skill topics, delivered by the Leadership-in-a-Box® team (combination of workshop + video reinforcement prompts + group coaching recap). May be delivered in-person or virtually, either à la carte or as part of a signature development series.

  • High Performance Accountability
  • High Performance Change
  • High Performance Conversations
  • High Performance Engagement
  • High Performance Feedback
  • High Performance Influence
  • High Performance Productivity
  • High Performance Talent Development
  • High Performance Teamwork
  • High Performance Trust

Sample engagement: High Performance Accountability

  • Onsite workshop (1.5-2 hours): learning, individual skill assessments, team commitments & action planning

  • Weekly micro-video reinforcements (with performance workbook)

    • Week 1: Accountability Starts with Me (2 min)

    • Week 2: Clarity Enables High Performance (2 min)

    • Week 3: The Four Levels of Responsibility (2 min)

    • Week 4: Who + What + When (2 min)

    • Week 5: How Will We Follow Up? (2 min)

  • Virtual Group Coaching (60 min): reinforce learning & team commitments & action progress

Best for: Executive or high potential development initiatives needing single or series of high impact leadership skill development


Nathan Magnuson is a popular speaker at conferences and executive retreats with a variety of keynotes & interactive workshops.

  • Winning the Heart: Engaging & Retaining Top Talent in the New Era (engagement)
  • Turning Career Aspirations Into Meaningful Retention Conversations (career development)
  • High Performance Trust: Building, Keeping & Recovering What Matters Most (building trust)
  • Seeds of Greatness: Developing Key Talent for Organizational Sustainment (developing talent)
  • Leading at the Pace of Rapid Change (leading change)
  • Influencing Key Decision-Makers to Action (influence)

Best for: Executive retreats, leadership events & strategy session support

Sample: Accountability Micro-Video (2 min)

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